CONTINUUM and STULZ Align to Offer Row Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FREDERICK, MD: CONTINUUM, a multi-tenant data center operator has partnered with STULZ Air Technology Systems, a manufacturer of environmental control equipment to get row cooling solutions for their high density data centers.

With this partnership, CONTINUUM is planning to preserve its valuable floor space by deploying STULZ in the row cooling units in the initial retail pods. The utilization of STULZ IRCs gives CONTINUUM the capability to deliver on customer requirements in excess of 1,000 watts per foot. CONTINUUM’s enterprise class cooling capabilities in its chilled water plant in West Chicago can accommodate extremely high density configurations across the data center floor.

“Our partnership with STULZ is a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and operating efficiency. By using STULZ in row cooling units in our initial retail pods, we preserving our valuable floor space, and we are operating extremely efficiently, even with limited load at outset,” says Eli D. Scher, Chairman and CEO, CONTINUUM.

“CONTINUUM’S goal was a Tier III design,” says Dave Meadows, Applications Engineering Manager, STULZ. “By utilizing our CyberRow CRS-180 units which are placed in between the server racks, they were able to achieve their goals while eliminating the need for a costly raised floor. By utilizing the STULZ designed diverter plates at the front of these CRAH units, we were able to provide a uniform laminar curtain of air across the racks where they are needed, rather than just blowing cool air into the whitespace.”