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Conversational Marketing: The New Golden Goose for Brands!

By CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019

Conversational marketing has emerged as a new word for sales! When properly used, it can fill gaps in marketing to answer customer queries and thereby reach and monetize new customers.

FREMONT, CA: It is estimated that consumers are exchanging over a billion chat messages with businesses each month. This shows that the shift to messaging platforms is disrupting business communication, and conversational assistants are quickly becoming a mainstay of digital marketing. Most consumers interact with their brands via messages, whether they seek support or answer to their queries. Businesses realize the immense opportunities that messaging platforms provide. As brands shift to conversational marketing platforms, it is essential that they have a solid plan in place to achieve the best result. Below are some reasons why brands need such a solid plan.

• To Ensure Value

In the modern competitive market, brands cannot afford to provide anything but exceptional customer service. Response to customer requests must be rapid, relevant, and most importantly, personalized. Conversational platforms come to help here by providing interactions that feel more conversational than transactional. With messaging, brands can provide content in a personalized and engaging way. Also, the messaging platform must align with other marketing efforts to be more productive.

• To Maintain Focus on the Objective

Adding messaging platform to an existing digital marketing campaign can be exciting. Therefore it is vital for the brands to initiate and grow their private messaging offerings in line with the number of customer interactions the brands are receiving.

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• To Avoid Over Automation

Providing conversational marketing service increases the chances of having more number of frequent and personalized interactions with potential customers. But it doesn’t mean the messaging app is always the right way to achieve this goal. Customers are wise, and they can sense when they are being sold to and will avoid channels that don’t feel authentic.

Messaging platforms are transforming the way brands interact with their customers, and this platform will continue to roll out new tools and functions to help brands reach and monetize fresh users. Brands that strive to make each customer interaction authentic and personalized will be well-positioned to increase brand awareness and conversions.