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Conversational Platforms and How They Enhance Customer Engagement

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Conversational chatbots have enhanced the communication process among the consumers and eCommerce businesses.

FREMONT, CA: The eCommerce market is expanding and has become the need of the hour. It has become essential to maintain a continuous flow of supply and services because of the increasing demand of the users. However, it is necessary to follow the rising necessities of the consumers as it is the most significant trend of the online commerce market. The companies had transformed their function to automation when they realized that it is difficult to maintain the growing demand of the consumers and adapt to them. Therefore, for these reasons, there is AI chatbots in the market that can augment customer-centric practices with the help of conversational chatbots marketing. 

Why does the eCommerce business need AI chatbot?

The traditional customer engagement forums are rapidly getting replaced by artificial intelligence-based chatbots. Automation can improve the prospective and pace of operations. Nowadays, several eCommerce companies depend on ML and AI so that they can understand their users and their purchasing patterns. These technologies and techniques can help the companies to develop a better marketing campaign and pitch the products to the consumers. 

This type of growth in the eCommerce shows how people have transformed to the technology-based AI platforms. 

AI chatbots can help customers to compare products

The most efficient process to engage and express messages to the users is by doing it through one-on-one conversation. It can be a struggle for the consumers to find the factors that will influence them to purchase the product with the information printed on the screen. 

On the other hand, the AI chatbots can assist the users to understand the fundamental difference among the products and the one can be best for them according to their requirement. Moreover, the customers can even filter the specific information by just commanding the eCommerce chatbots. 

AI chatbots can be the ideal knowledge base

It is also easy for the AI chatbots to continue the process of educating the customers with the necessary information. For instance, if the consumers select a particular product, the BOT will provide with one-touch access to the FAQ section in the chat screen. Furthermore, if the users want any specific information, then the BOT will take the input and provide the answer to the queries. 

Therefore, the connection among the eCommerce chatbots and the users can assist them in making the process simple and even driving the engagement rate and sales.

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