CoolSculpting Revolutionizes Healthcare Industry with CoolMini Applicator

By CIOReview | Monday, October 26, 2015

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA:Exercise and other toning regimes may not yield the desired results. To get the perfect body shape, CoolSculpting, an innovative body contouring treatment launches CoolMini applicator to remove the fat bulges. It recently bagged FDA clearance and is all ready to go.

The Cool applicator is specifically shaped and designed to treat smaller fat pockets like double chin, puffs of fat near arm pits, abdominal fat and knees that resist exercise and dieting efforts. It works  on fat freezing technology and comes with a small area hand piece that fits perfectly beneath the chin.

Unique feature

The new applicator comes with treating two body areas with one option. It is observed that cold could be applied non-invasively to remove fat. Similarly, it can target a smaller area and larger area of fat simultaneously or two smaller areas at once.  

Additional treatments provided by CoolSculpting include, CoolCore - abdomen and core area; CoolCurve- for flanks; CoolSmooth - other areas of pinchable fat like outer thighs; CoolFit- for straighter areas like arms and inner thighs; CoolMax- for larger circumference areas.