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Corecon V7 Collaborates with Intuit for Better Accounting and Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 3, 2014

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Corecon Technologies, a construction software solutions provider, collaborates with Intuit for its QuickBooks Online in order to achieve enhanced project management and accounting integration.

The integration of Cerocon V7 with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online was intended to leverage Intuit’s IPP v3 platform for seamless synchronization of contact and project data with Quickbooks Online. The new Sync Wizard in Corecon V7 greatly reduces mouse clicks and identifies the critical data that needs to be shared between the two cloud-based systems. The data may be of customer, vendor, project financial transactions, employee information and time cards.

Thorough records are maintained after the data has been exchanged and the data is first previewed using the preview function in the wizard. The sync logs holds the history of modified and added records with date and name of the person who made the change.

“Our company has a lot of expertise when it comes to estimating, project management, and job cost control systems, and we are very excited about our new accounting integration with QuickBooks Online,” explains Corecon President Norman J. Wendl. “Since there is no software to install, integrating the two cloud-based systems has significant advantages. Project accounting staff will simply login to Corecon V7 and make the connection to QuickBooks Online, and they are off and running. This will truly expedite accounting functions raising the bar in terms of project management and accounting integration.”