CoreMedia8 Enables Business to Engage Customers across All Digital Channels

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CoreMedia announces its latest omni-channel digital experience platform, CoreMedia 8. The latest edition enables businesses to engage their customers across all channels driving results through increased business user productivity and greater efficiency.

CoreMedia 8 enables businesses to build a digital strategy as it allows teams from digital marketing and editorial sections to collaborate in real-time, create personalized online experiences. Content from various internal and external sources can be combined and then be streamed across all digital channels or devices.

CoreMedia 8 allows customers to attain: an omni-channel end-user engagement experience connecting all digital touchpoints from mobile devices, to PCs, to Kiosks, to social networks and digital display systems; delivering visually engaging experiences with less dependence on IT; multi-site and multi-language capabilities to be consistent across the diverse audience; a unique hybrid experience integrating social and ecommerce capabilities; and availability of cutting edge technologies including cloud, automated DevOps, and development tools.

“They require an affordable, scalable and unified platform that ensures cross-departmental collaboration; editorial speed and accuracy; and delivers the real-time, omni-channel experiences that delight, inform, and inspire their customers. That is precisely what we're delivering with CoreMedia 8," Glenn Conradt, VP of global marketing at CoreMedia.