Corero SecureWatch Analytics Fortifies Enterprises with DDoS Attacks and Cyber Threats
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Corero SecureWatch Analytics Fortifies Enterprises with DDoS Attacks and Cyber Threats

By CIOReview | Friday, July 4, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Corero Network Security, a provider of First Line of Defense security solutions has launched Corero SecureWatch Analytics, a powerful Web-based security analytics portal. The solution delivers turn-key visibility into DDoS attacks and cyber threats with comprehensive and easy-to-read security dashboards powered by Splunk software, through an agreement with Splunk.

Leveraging Splunk software for big data analytics and advanced visualization capabilities, Corero has transformed its security event data into dashboards of actionable security intelligence, accessible via Corero SecureWatch Analytics. Enterprises are now empowered to utilize this portal as a single pane of glass into the DDoS attacks and cyber threats targeting their Internet-facing services.

The portal’s real-time security engineered dashboards provide never-before-seen visibility into an enterprise’s network and security activity for rapid response in combating these threats. Additionally, SecureWatch Analytics supports archived security event data to enable forensic analysis of past threats and compliance reporting of security activity. 

“Extracting meaningful information from volumes of raw security events has been a virtual impossibility for all but the largest enterprises with dedicated security analysts. Corero SecureWatch Analytics provides this capability in a turn-key fashion to enterprises of all sizes. Big data analytics engines are empowered by valuable raw data. By combining sophisticated event data generated by our industry leading First Line of Defense security appliances with the Splunk platform, we have created a solution that quickly finds the needles in the haystack of security events,” said Nirav Shah, Director of Product Management, Corero Network Security.