Cormant and KIK Announces Strategic Partnership to Leverage DCIM Software Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DCIM softwareFREMONT, CA: Cormant, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provider company has announced its partnership with KIK Technologies. KIK is a firm that provides IT services to the offices of the Federal government. This collaboration will inhabit the customers of the US government with the DCIM software.

“We looked at the whole DCIM market before deciding to partner with Cormant. We found that Cormant offered a complete DCIM solution and backed it up with strong consulting and support services. We have already completed our first installation of Cormant-CS at the US Department of Transportation,” says Ken Kirkpatrick, CEO, KIK Technologies.

The DCIM solution provided by the Cormant offers an absolute solution along with the fast installation that ensures a quick ROI from KIK to any data center of the government. Cormant is also allows KIK Technologies to access the extensive integrations library. This library is used to fulfilling the integration requirements of the Federal Government offices. Cormant provided themselves with a perfect base to start, by completing a couple of system installations for the US Federal Government.

Cormant has a good record number of successful implementation of DCIM solutions in public, military and government sectors all over the world. That installation goes for all kinds of sites ranging from hundreds of computers to the big data centers in the consulates around the world.

“From the first time, we spoke to KIK Technologies what impressed me was the technical understanding of the KIK Technologies team. We needed a partner who could take Cormant DCIM and work with us to deliver long-term success to customers. In KIK Technologies we found exactly that,” says Paul Goodison, CEO, Cormant.

KIK are already in the business for providing many kinds of services to the government agencies in Washington DC. These services include design and operations support, infrastructure change control and project and program management, that are the necessary skills required for the successful implementation of a DCIM solution.