Corridor Partners with Brightleaf Solutions; Deepens Visibility into key contract terms and obligations
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Corridor Partners with Brightleaf Solutions; Deepens Visibility into key contract terms and obligations

By CIOReview | Monday, October 26, 2015

WAKEFIELD, MA: Deploying contract management solution is in itself a gigantic task, and extracting data from both current and legacy contracts calls for high accuracy and performance. Taking up the challenge, contract lifecycle management software provider, Corridor has announced a strategic alliance with Brightleaf Solutions. The tie-up will effectively upgrade adjacent technologies to offer complete visibility into key contract terms and obligations.

The SharePoint and Office 365 platforms powered Contract Management App from Corridor proves to be an ideal fit solution for professionals as likecontract managers, procurement officials, attorneys and executives manage contracts in the entire lifecycle. It covers its operational functionalities in a wide range sector that extends from pre-execution requests and approvals to post-execution management of obligations and renewals. While strengthening with appraisal forcontracts and metadata, the Contract Management App also dubbed as CM[.app]help clients to manage workflow, search and reporting, and obligation-related tasks.

Whereas, Brightleaf is a company that primarily aims at abstracting vital contract information from structured, unstructured and text-based documents. With its précised technology, the solution guarantees to seamlessly integrate with Corridor’s CM[.app] and so as terminating the requirement for attorneys or expensive outside firms.

Clients can gain a total control on their contract lifecycle by pairing up the two complementary solutions together. Contracts can be efficiently generated and monitored both in the current and legacy agreement. It gives users the requisite scope to work within CM[.app] to route all essential attributes and related contract metadata to manage risk and even find hidden revenue once extracted using Brightleaf’s technology.