Corvil Data With iSIGHT Partner Renders Real Time Security Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DALLAS, TX: Data analytics company, Corvil, will be teaming up with iSIGHT Partners to provide security solution for customers in real time. This integration provides customer with security solution that identify and react to intrusions in real time.

By collaborating with iSIGHT Partner, a cyber threat intelligence provider; Corvil offers real time network visibility, lesser dwell time for even the most sophisticated attacks and mitigate the risk of data loss and further breaches.

With the advancement of threats, experts has concluded that identifying and detecting threats at the earliest is of the prime concern to reduce data loss and deeper breaches. "Since the network is the channel through which all a company's data must flow, it is the only source that can deliver a comprehensive understanding of how all users and applications are interacting in a given moment. In today's environment of increasingly complex security threats, monitoring network data is the most effective way to quickly identify and act on an attack in whatever shape it takes," says Donal O'Sullivan, VP of Product Management at Corvil.

Corvil’s ability to monitor network data at real time big data analytics solution has resulted in a platform for financial markets that regulates automated electronic trade for faster and accurate analytics. This platform drives higher the standards of business level insights for better performance, compliance and security. Integrated with real-time and full network visibility, threat intelligence can be activated across the company’s internal and external work flows.

While network data analytics unlocks real time threat detection, Threat intelligence detects and investigates attack activity. This combination provides an approach for security solution in real time resulting in lesser risk for data loss and deeper breeches.

“Our partnership with Corvil will enable enterprises to quickly find sophisticated threats across their network, leverage our adversary database to rapidly hunt for related threats and scale their incident response beyond what has ever been previously possible," states Karl Hutter, iSIGHT Partners Strategic Partnerships and Channel.