Costcertified Launches New Payments Feature To Streamline Payments For Contractors
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Costcertified Launches New Payments Feature To Streamline Payments For Contractors

By CIOReview | Monday, July 4, 2022

CostCertified introduces a new payments feature that streamlines payments for contractors.

Fremont, CA: Independent contractors often have to face difficulty getting paid on time, which can cause significant cash flow issues and force them to meet expenses out of pocket. CostCertified, a developer of cutting-edge construction estimating software, has introduced a new payment feature to streamline contractors' payments. CostCertified Payment is a new tool that will enable contractors to invoice and collect payments within the estimating platform.

CostCertified Payments was developed so that contractors can get from proposal to payment with a few clicks without communicating with their customers. This provides a comparable online purchasing experience to other e-commerce websites. By accepting payments directly through the estimating platform, contractors can save time on billing by eliminating the need for costly third-party software or a trip to the bank. The status is automatically updated to inform the contractor when the payment has been successfully processed and paid into their bank account.

“We are very excited to launch this new feature and provide contractors with quicker payment abilities through our software,” comments Michael Bignold, CEO and Founder of CostCertified. “CostCertified Payments will transform collecting payments into an automated built-in process that will save you and your team hours every week.”

CostCertified is one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in North America. Customers, contractors, and subcontractors have access to this portal. The newest function transforms the process of creating financial statements from requiring the manual revision of spreadsheets to advancing the action via the use of digital tools.