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Cost-effective Marketing Strategy for SMBs

By CIOReview | Friday, November 17, 2017

Today’s economy and technological development provide the best opportunities for any business to grow. It is easier to reach a specific target population that desperately needs the products and services a business has to offer. Moreover, it is now much easier to determine the customer’s preferences as well as predict the future of market with the help of cloud and big data technology. But a small scale business with little funding too can adopt certain methods to boost their sales without having to utilize the savvy technologies in the market. Following are some of the cost-effective marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses:

• Social Media-  the majority of the people today gather most of their information from websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Tumblr, Whatsapp,  and other. It has become imperative for small business owners to be socially active online to promote their brands and businesses.

• Mobile-friendly- android has become the most used OS system in the world surpassing Microsoft Windows. It has become a testament to the mass of population that posses a smartphone or other smart devices. This has made it necessary for businesses to create attractive comprehensive contents fit for the small screen to get prospective customer’s attention.

• SEO contents- Google uses bots to index all the content on the cloud and networks. The bots use repetitive words and index them categorically to create better search results. With that in mind, businesses need to create SEO contents and blogs to highlight the specific brands and the solutions it serves. 

• Ephemeral Contents- Social Media application like SnapChat has a high range of customer engagement due to short expire timings of contents. Hence, making it the best platform to engage customers and creating brand awareness.

• Videos- between this faced pace economy and low attention span, businesses small or big have to create a highly imaginative and engaging content in a short timeframe. Videos provide the best engaging platform and businesses can approach the customers through humorous contents or serious contents that highlight the use case of their brands.

• Rewards- gamification, a rising trend in the market provides great opportunities for small size businesses. Rewards and incentives not only attract customers but also make them a loyal one.

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