Coupa Launched Release 14 to Drive Customer Value

By CIOReview | Monday, February 15, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: Coupa Software, a provider of cloud-based applications for finance announced the launch of Coupa Release 14, which is a platform for enhanced sourcing control, expanding international e-invoice compliance. Designed by leveraging the product recommendation from customers, Coupa Release 14 adds new features to the Coupa application suite and Coupa Open Business Network.

Coupa Release 14 includes top-voted requests across the platform. New features will enable employees to add an extra approver to their expense reports. It’s ideal while working on diverse projects will require another person to review. Coupa Release 14 further supports additional languages like traditional Chinese and Czech to its list of 23 languages, where employees can self-service any one of them. All these languages are accessible application wide from expenses to sourcing to invoicing and so on. Coupa Release 14 has enveloped Sweden and Switzerland to the countries available to customers for compliant e-invoicing through Open Business Network. The visual design style is updated, color palette revived, and typefaces and icons are improved in the Suite Synergy feature.

The company’s Ideas Forum and Customer Advisory Boards are responsible for adding regulations and features within Coupa Sourcing. These new elements include features like editing running events, through which customers can now update the running sourcing event and inform all vendors with confidence in case of arrival of any new information during an event. Customers can open seal-bid events live with the evaluation team, without any uncertainty around early bid viewing. Coupa Sourcing can now also edit suppliers’ notifications to match customer event’s needs.

Coupa Release 14 also adds numerous features across the spend management application suite, which includes enhanced desktop receiving via email and email management for perceptibility into send and bounce status.

“We’re proud of the spirit of collaborative innovation that runs through Coupa Release 14,” said Raja Hammoud, vice president of product marketing and management at Coupa. “Crowd sourcing the best ideas from across our wonderful customers and wrapping innovation around those ideas is the key to our number one core value of ensuring customer success.”