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Covestro: Providing High Quality Materials for Life-Saving Products

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ANAHEIM, CA: This contemporary age of networking has ushered revolutionary transformation for the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals are able to monitor and keep track of their patient’s health status through integration of wireless technology. Responding to these industrial trends In the same context, Vios Medical has released Vios Monitoring System from Vios Medical surfaces to help that addresses the healthcare providers with automate patient oversight and remotely detect problems before they become serious threats. This is achieved by constantly tracking and analyzing medical-grade vital signs across in-hospital environments.

The Vios setup comprises of patient-worn sensors, including the Vios Chest Sensor and a commercially available pulse oximeter, and connects them to a bedside monitor and central station monitor software. The user-friendly interface is very user-friendly and maintains promotes a caringe environment among multidisciplinary teams. The software can be deployed on off-the-shelf hardware and enables analysis, display, and centralizationing of patient data in near real-time.

The software makes use ofdeploys several components which are supplied by Covestro and are injection molded into the device. The white Bayblend® M301 FR resin,; utilized on the mobile monitoring device's housing and the clear Texin® RxT70A TPU, featured is demonstrated on the hinge, feet, button and seal are among the components provided by Covestro.

"We needed to utilize materials that would not irritate the patient's skin, yet were durable enough to protect interior components. The biocompatibility and performance of the selected materials combined with Covestro's technical support and color matching made them the ideal choice," said Amit Patel, Cco-fFounder and CEO, of Vios Medical.

Covestro has made its mark in the industry as a provider of high quality materials which are used asin life-saving products like the Vios Monitoring System. Extraordinary impact resistance and surface appearance are some of the crucial factors that makes Bayblend® M301 FR PC+ABS ideal for medical devices with housings that requires biocompatibility with intact skin. Additionally, the resin also helps in meeting UL requirements. On the other hand, Texin® RxT70A TPU is also used in hinge, button and feet of the Vios Medical wearable monitoring devices because it showcases water-tight seal and flexible properties. 

Bruce Fine, Market Segment Leader – Medical, North America, Covestro remarked, "Our involvement illustrates our commitment to providing innovative solutions to meet important health care needs." 

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