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Cre8tive Technology and Design Integrates their PSA Industry Solution with Epicor ERP

By CIOReview | Monday, November 30, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: In this rapid-paced business environment, enterprises are looking for solutions that not only accelerate their growth but also provide utmost visibility in the process. To address this issue Crea8tive Technology and Design, announced their going live with Epicor ERP and their Cre8tive PSA Industry Solution within their own organization.

Apart from streamlining the business operations into a single platform, Epicor ERP with its new enhancements allows the company to automate most of their processes and pave a strong foundation for their growth in future.Cre8tive’s successful endeavour has given them an opportunity to leverage their Cre8tive PSA Industry Solution for Epicor ERP. This software is orchestrated for US-based, project-driven professional companies like business consultants, IT services; other Architectural and Engineering firms as well. It works in combination with clients’ existing Epicor ERP systems making it way more convenient to manage clients’ entire lifecycle. Some other features include managing timecards and billing, relationships and resources; and accounting and analytics.

Data integrity is enhanced and features faster reporting because much of the manual and duplicate data is eliminated with the new Epicor ERP solution. All the relevant information Cre8tive requires to monitor a project is made available through a Dashboard.

“Customer satisfaction is very important to our business, and Epicor ERP has allowed us to better manage and support our internal processes, to better provide for our customers,” declared Aaron Continelli, President and Founder of Cre8tive Technology and Design.