Creating Business Apps with Trackvia

By CIOReview | Monday, February 1, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Having basic programming skills has always been seen as a prerequisite for developing custom business applications. Trackvia is a web-based tool that companies can now use to develop their own business applications with zero programming required. This firm aims to replace the generic software and excel sheets that most organizations use to track and manage their business processes. Instead, one can drag the existing spreadsheets and databases into Trackvia and turn them into secure online applications. “Trackvia was used by Wired magazine in order to create an app. This service is very easy and it allows you to create your own app,” said Pete Khanna, CEO, Trackvia. 

The business application created by Trackvia can be set up to use everything from real-time reports to custom forms and even dashboards, where it is easy to find everything in one location. It can help in streamlining the workflow or schedule reports to automatically be sent at predetermined times each week.

Trackvia supports the web-based system to allow setting up an unlimited number of applications which will reside on the servers. Unlimited people can use it through user logins and applications through the account. Earlier, apps were considered to be mobile based applications, but now things have changed and they are also web-based, with the dragging and dropping columns capability setting it apart from the others. This allows a person to be sure that all the data is always filled.

Trackvia is designed to support a broad range of issues; including sales, marketing, projects, supports, and assets. For example, a user could rely on Trackvia for tracking maintenance for all its assets. Setting a Trackvia application up requires little more than dragging a spreadsheet into place and adding a few new fields, which means a company’s IT department doesn’t have to be involved in the process whatsoever. For companies that are tired of relying on spreadsheets and databases for business management, Trackvia is an interesting solution to try out.