Creating Winsome Employer-Workforce Relation with the Touch of Technology
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Creating Winsome Employer-Workforce Relation with the Touch of Technology

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 6, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Employees are the core of running a flourishing business. If employees are happy, they will work harder to make the customers happy and satisfied. Focusing more on what employees feel about the company and catering to their wishes helps a business run successfully. An occasional employee engagement survey should probably run along. Employees too expect a real say in their company. This requires a company culture that values Verification of Employment (VoE) and embraces continuous feedback.

Through endless conversations, companies have adopted an agile listening approach, trying to learn more from the employees. The process is proactive, encourages employee input, and shares insights with decision makers at all levels. The engaged workforce has an enormous impact on an organization. In case the VoE program struggles to drive value in the business, there are ways to improve performance.

Responding to the needs of the employees and making them feel heard is sensitive to the culture of the business and responsive to the changing needs of employees and teams. For an active VoE program, a new suite of tools and a rollout plan are not enough. Asking ideas from the employees and implementing it can be a good start, adding to the purpose. To make people feel comfortable to keep it anonymous at first. All creative and fresh ideas should be welcomed, even if it's not the most effective one. Employees should know that their insights are respected such that the communication lines should be kept open. Feedback can be shared in between a project too. Keep decision makers in the loop throughout the process so they can act quickly on important issues.

Effective programs use feedback management platforms to automate the real-time delivery of data. Based on the feedback and new suggestions, organization and managers will get a better understanding of the issues that are consistently popping up for the employees. It is not easy to use employee feedback to bring organizational change, but it helps teams make smarter decisions leading to success.

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