Creative Virtual and Atos Partner to Offer Next Generation Digital Platform for Financial Services
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Creative Virtual and Atos Partner to Offer Next Generation Digital Platform for Financial Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Creative Virtual, a provider of self service customer engagement solutions, partners with Atos, a provider of digital services, to empower the banking sector with Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCXT). As a next generation platform, DCXT allows Banking institutions to strengthen customer loyalty, retention and business opportunity.

Atos has partnered with Backbase, Yodlee and Creative Virtual to deliver DCXT which is streamed as a service via Atos cloud. It offers a customer experience and interactive platform from Backbase, real time internal and externally sourced financial holdings data using Yodlee capabilities and natural language virtual assistant technology, V-Person, from Creative Virtual. It is designed to enable financial organizations to provide their customers with enhanced Personal Financial Management (PFM) through the available information. DCXT offers a managed service to minimize OpEx by eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or IT resources.

Creative Virtual’s V-Person is a conversational platform designed to help businesses leverage their collective knowledge to deliver personalized experiences to their customers. It allows users to ask questions in natural language and receive content related suggestions to help them define their needs. It enables organizations to support customers with decision support for real financial questions and aggregate data offering analysis and actionable insight in real time.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Atos on this powerful platform that enables financial organisations to deliver better digital customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. DCXT is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for the highly competitive financial services industry to facilitate improved customer conversations and build much needed customer loyalty,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual.

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