CRGI, Urban Systems and Rhythm Engineering Joined Forces to Develop Smart City Intelligent Transit Module

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 8, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: In order to introduce a cloud-based, multifunction transportation solution which delivers data and decision insights to metropolitan transportation managers and users, Civic Resource Group International (CRGI), a digital government product company and traffic engineering firms- Urban Systems and Rhythm Engineering are joining hands to develop Smart City Intelligent Transit Module.

The module will include key functional features such as traffic optimization and reporting, upgraded communications network and facilities, physical and cyber security design at all layers of the Open Systems Interconnection model. The data warehousing and analytics platform will encompass data elements from traffic equipment, parking structures, tourism providers and advertising partners to include visual presentation of data. Multi-screen presentation platform will be designed for use by the public and city employees and managers. Solution will also include remote administration of traffic management assets.

Benefits of the initiative will include lower greenhouse emissions, lower fuel consumption for all public and municipal transportation vehicles and better travel times among others. It will enable travelers to make informed travel decisions based on real time data. Public and city officials will be presented with a framework for communication exchange.City employees will be able to analyze data from all devices, optimize the community travel experience and in-app advertising will present new revenue opportunities for cities. It will boost up public safety, lower cost of ownership related to intersection management, traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Our collaboration with the Alliance partners further strengthens our collective ability to reach across cities, city employees and citizens to help enhance the overall quality of urban services and the quality of urban life. “The Smart Cities Alliance unique vision and pioneering spirit will allow us to create highly engaging, connected experiences for thousands of users,” says Dane Smith, President of Civic Resource Group International.

The Smart City Alliance partners will use their respective expertise to accomplish the task.  CRGI will design and deliver the user experience and reporting application interfaces across all platforms for use by consumer and city management professionals.Urban Systems will provide general counsel and consulting regarding system design, functionality, and traffic plan optimization. Rhythm Engineering will procure an adaptive traffic management system and access to associated relevant data elements.