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CRM: A Better Manager

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Customer services are a major concern for any organization to generate revenue. The proper application of AI-enabled CRM can alleviate this concern for companies aiming to imbibe future technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Currently, Artificial Intelligence is being utilized to carry out many tasks earlier held by humans. The majority of AI functions are designed to make life easier. For instance, AI is implemented by banks to personalize the customer experience through their mobile applications. Customer relationship management (CRM) and AI are a compelling blend. As the internet has turned into the moral fiber of marketing efforts, CRM has also evolved accordingly to capture and categorize the customer activities to generate the perfect statistics for organizations.

AI and Predictive Lead Scoring:

As AI relates to business, sales, and marketing apparatuses such as CRM software can perform tedious tasks like data entry and can also identify patterns and trends in that data within seconds.

With real-time information, AI can present a CRM to generate predictive lead scoring. Lead scoring is a way organizations recognize and prioritize high-quality leads for their sales and marketing team manage their time and pursue the most suitable leads.

AI and Sales Forecasting:

Sales forecasts can depend on market trends, industry comparisons, or even past sales data. With AI, organizations can obtain a better understanding of future revenue processes and calculate growth models.

AI and NLP:

Another prominent feature of AI-driven CRM is NLP. NLP acts as the medium for AI to comprehend what users are saying. For instance, it can be used to find out what customers need from a text-based message or an email. NLP then can then prioritize customer requests based on results. When facilitated through AI, NLP also can examine customer email interactions to get a better understanding of their experience, whether positive or negative. An organization that leverages insights in this way can deescalate customer issues fast before they escalate.

AI Tracking:

Sales units also can implement AI to record phone calls and voice meetings, notes on time-stamps, or even target specific people. Sales teams can then return to exact moments in conversations and combine the data with existing CRM software to determine the best course of action.

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