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CRM Aiding Sports, Defining Smart Champion-Fan Relationships

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The sports industry being instrumental in terms of creating, maintaining and developing strong customer relationships, is now tapping into CRM to reap maximum benefits and possibilities.    

FREMONT, CA: Over the last few years, businesses across all industry have increased their investments in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Now, many sports team are relying on CRM software to help them create, build, and manage fan relationships. According to Greenberg survey, about 65 to 70 percent of all sports including teams, leagues and venues, and over 80 percent of major league baseball use CRM or some part of it. What has CRM brought for Sports?

Sports teams are using CRM to build profiles of fans based on ticket and retail purchase history, demographic information, match attendance, and website logins. The detailed fan information collected can be used to identify and segment them for engagement email campaigns. This can help provide all the critical information fans are looking for before and after a match in an easily digestible format. The targeted emails and game ticket offers will help to attract specific fans.

By having a full angle view of the customer teams can know which customer would be the best fit for various packages, season plans, single-game ticket offers, among others. CRM can also help gauge individual customer's ability to pay for tickets, ensuring the team's sales force has the right data with them when approaching a customer. 

Presently team sponsors are more demanding when it comes to an understanding the customers of their team, and they want to know the details of their supporters and understand how they match with the company's brand and image. Teams which follows their fan base can provide sponsors with better insights than their competitors.

It is clear that teams only have seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CRM initiatives and exploring ways in which CRM can help their businesses, but the potential for growth in this area is broad. CRM can be a powerful tool when used correctly, helping shape insights from consumer behavior to maximize the potential revenues and at the same time, delivering additional values to fans.

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