CRMGamified Launches Version 3.0 of Motivation Engine for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By CIOReview | Friday, June 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CRMGamified, a provider of gamification solutions recently introduced their Motivation Engine 3.0, the last and latest version of gamification platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRMGamified is a certified Microsoft CRM partner.

The latest version includes characteristics that increases sales, generate positive business results, better Customer Relation Management (CRM) data quality and CRM user engagement. With easy to install add-on designed   CRMGamified Motivation Engine this becomes a prior reality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The solution is loaded with a set of game mechanics like points, badges, rankings, leader boards, levels, missions, real-time feedback and social interactions. This helps in motivating and rewarding sales people for performing well and achieving desired activities, keeping the CRM records up to date and raise sales results and accuracy levels.

Pablo Peralta, Dynamics CRM Most Valuable Professional and CRMGamified co-founder assures that the new version leaves its customers with the power to ignite CRM, motivate users, and achieve business goals while getting exceptional CRM adoption rates.

CRMGamified entrusts the customers with an option to make the optimum utilization of their CRM investment by constantly updating and innovating new products and releases based on real time experiences.

Motivation Engine 3.0 has been released by renovating the user interface completely with engaging user experience, administration simplicity, architecture and fully compatible with Dynamics CRM 2011 (since UR12), 2013, 2015 and Online.