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CrunchTime! Launches V5, Sets a New Standard for Restaurant Back Office

By CIOReview | Friday, May 16, 2014

BOSTON, MA: CrunchTime! Information Systems, the company known for setting the standard for strategic enterprise technology solutions for the restaurant, cruise, foodservice and hospitality industries, is once again raising the bar with V5, its next generation platform. 

In addition to a complete refresh of the user experience and mobility that will free staff from the back office, V5 combines a powerful new suite of tools engineered to drive transformational results across the enterprise.

V5 includes CrunchTime! BizIQ ,a powerful business intelligence tool, CrunchTime! TeamworX, a mobile-enabled employee self-service portal  to support shift swapping,  more efficient scheduling, and better team communications , and CrunchTime! Xchang ,a vendor facing collaboration tool to facilitate complete automation of all aspects of your supply chain with full EDI capability.  These new tools are seamlessly integrated with the CrunchTime platform and will create operational efficiencies that will drive more profits to the bottom line. 

Some of V5′s many enhancements include:

  • New UX. A new, more graphical user experience that is fully configurable by user, allowing the team to navigate the entire application from a single screen.
  • New KPI Dashboards. Fully integrated dashboards that will ensure the strategic path for the success of a restaurant team is always right in front of them.
  • Mobile. Support of all major browsers to enable teams to leverage the mobile operating systems and devices provided by Apple, Android, and Microsoft.
  • Next-gen Business Intelligence. A fully integrated BI platform, complete with mobile support that will provide the freedom to create ad-hoc reports, dashboards, cubes, and alerts.
  • Staff Empowerment.  New mobile collaboration tools including an innovative employee self-service portal that makes shift scheduling and swapping incredibly easy.
  • Vendor Collaboration. A vendor portal that will keep businesses connected to suppliers like never before.

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