Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Custodial Services
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Custodial Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hermesus rolls out its cryptocurrency exchange platform HERMESUS.

FREMONT, CA: Hermesus, a recognized blockchain technology firm within the global markets, announces its cryptocurrency exchange HERMESUS. Traders now can register and trade by visiting the official website. HERMESUS provides all traders low fees and high security, and market makers are compensated for participating in the exchange. The Hermesus Exchange is a trading venue delivering a range of digital currencies. The digital assets trading platform has been developed from the ground up, using the proficiency of cutting-edge software and an intuitive user interface, purpose-built for compliance and security. HERMESUS will provide the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, among others.

The Hermesus trading platform and exchange were tailored with regulatory fundamentals and incorporated the latest robust trading engine with KYC solutions. Hermesus sets apart as one of the primary compliant and qualified cryptocurrency custodians for all 50 states within the US. The HERMESUS trading platform in-house software and technology have been tested on international markets for over five years. Its latest security audit was completed in April 2021.

The go-to-market customer acquisition strategy couples a strong, competitive pricing model together with superior quality service. Additionally, the company is constantly advancing the platform with creative new market trends like the novel NFT Marketplace within the HERMESEUS Platform to be released in the coming months. With the IPO of Coinbase at a valuation of $100 billion last week, and a similar announcement from Kraken trumpeting its upcoming direct public listing, the company is confident in its market solution and potential to execute. The cryptocurrency sector is gaining traction with the largest banking institutions in the country as it seeks to offer investors a strong growth opportunity.

With about a decade of experience in Blockchain IT implementation and four years of hands-on management of digital assets and cryptocurrency exchanges, the Hermesus team has combined extensive FinTech talent overseen by veterans from securities law, investment advisory, broker-dealer, anti-money laundering, and compliance.