Cubes Introduces an App Handcrafted for iOS, with Glitzy Visual Content Collections

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Cubes, the mover and shaker of mobile app enhancement, rolls out yet another beta version application, designed specifically for iOS platform to collect, organize and visually display files and links from a host of services.

Cubes can expand over Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud,, Exchange, Office365 and Dropbox. Users can now get a quicker view of content by type, author, topic or services in a one destination. Exclusively available for free on App Store for now, it will soon to be released on cloud storage and social media services.

Noteworthy highlights of Cubes includes its visual ostentation, that doesn’t fail to impress with its digital valet organizing all important files, links, photos and more in one place, with ease of access. The tool makes traditional searches and scrolling appear obsolete, as now users can automatically group all their email attachments, email links and cloud based content, through these intelligent Cubes.

It opens up scope for adding individual creativity by customizing own Cubes (aka personal containers), where users can organize personal and professional contents separately. Contents can be further curated, based on interest, project or topic of choice. A ‘contact Cubes’ option is also available, where users can view content shared with other important contacts with sheer smoothness.

As digital content has caught up with the nerve of business in the cloud, finding out the right content has also become a tedious task. But the application comes right to the rescue by categorizing files across multitude of services, by catering required data to process information visually.