CUI Wins Conceptual Design Award for its IRIS LITE-ER
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CUI Wins Conceptual Design Award for its IRIS LITE-ER

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TUALATIN, OR: Orbital Gas Systems, a subsidiary of CUI Global wins the conceptual design award for its IRIS LITE-ER (Energy Reduction) – a product born for a collaborative project to prove the empowerment of Above Ground Installation using renewable energy resources.

The IRIS LITE-ER and IRIS LITE offer low cost solutions to IRIS RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) - a unit that provides control, monitoring, and detail about every device linked to it. IRIS LITE is ideal for small AGI’s on the Gas Transmission and Gas Distribution networks. It can be offered either with or without the complete IRIS functionality like dual redundancy power, dual redundant processors, remote dial up diagnostics and configuration through the IRIS AMS (Asset Management Suite).

IRIS is a web-based solution that enables maintenance technicians to monitor the system from an internet browser anytime without being onsite. Technicians can get insights to areas in question, diagnose the problem, and temporarily fix the problem. IRIS cancels out the conventional scenario of alerting the employee for a problem through an alarm following which a technician is called to solve the problem. In addition to the award, CUI receives orders for its IRIS RTU Technology.

"We are very excited about the design win for our IRIS LITE-ER Technology. We believe that the IRIS LITE and LITE-ER system have significant potential inside the International Conventional and Unconventional Gas Distribution and Transmission sector and could be adapted to the water, waste water and power & distribution markets," says William Clough, President & CEO, CUI Global.

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