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Culinda Partners with ecfirst to Develop IoT Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Culinda, a leading medical internet of things (IoT) security company, recently signed an agreement with ecfirst, a provider of specialized compliance and healthcare cybersecurity services, to collaborate on an AI-based medical security solution for hospitals and health centers across the U.S.

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A typical room in a hospital has around 25 to 20 connected medical devices, with an average of 6.2 vulnerabilities on every medical device. Hence, hospitals and patients face a significant threat. According to a recent report, the global markets for medical device technologies is expanding every year, with the U.S. representing around 40 percent of the worldwide market. The IoT devices in hospitals have increased to twice the number of traditional digital devices. More than half of these devices are at an end-of-life stage without available upgrades. Since hospitals and healthcare organizations use biomedical devices for more than 20 years, they have become an easy target for hackers.

ecfirst possesses thorough expertise in providing health insurance portability and accountability (HIPAA), national institute of standards and technology (NIST), and health information trust alliance (HITRUST) cyber solutions and services to healthcare organizations across the U.S. The integration of ecfirst services with Culinda’s plug-n-play, machine learning-based medical IoT security solutions has increased its value in the healthcare industry. The implementation of the integrated technology will automate identification, categorization, and prioritization of all risks and vulnerabilities, facilitating enhanced capability in cyber risk monitoring and management.

The consumers can request demonstrations at Culinda to establish an inventory of assets and list the risks associated with each of the assets. The assessment is performed based on the given information. Culinda and ecfirst will connect with the consumers and deliver a suitable program to monitor and manage the medical IoT devices actively. As a result, consumers can reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches in their organizations and improve safety.

Culinda aims to secure all medical IoT devices in hospitals with artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure secured by a gateway operated by experts in hospital operations, biomedical device manufacturing, and cybersecurity firms. The transparency of devices connected to the consumer network will allow Culinda to monitor the biomedical devices and intervene in the case of cybersecurity risks.

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