Current IT Buzz Words Simplified

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fremont: Humans have conquered everything, even the fast moving cloud. Each one is now the owner of a piece of cloud or are the tenants of the cloud world. But what does this concept mean? In the constantly developing cloud scenario, tenancy means sharing of platform and infrastructure by different customers of the same cloud service. This being the current buzz word in the industry, comes in various dimensions like single, multi-tenant and multi-instance.

In single tenant cloud, the customer gets his own dedicated cloud service and there is no commingling of data with others. It is similar to having a self-owned cloud service which can be customized to individual need. Thus, single tenancy provides data isolation.

Whereas in multitenant, there is sharing of cloud platform and infrastructure by all customers and intermingling of data. But this does not indicate whether one can see or access others data. The multi-tenant customers get to be on the latest of cloud services and even the cloud providers can maintain one shared cloud for all customers.

Along with benefits, they have flaws as well. The disadvantage for single tenants arrives in the form of an ill-timed upgrade just when one has customized or in an awkward moment of business. On the other hand, multi tenancy raises security issues, especially for those in the regulated market.

Allan Leinwand, the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Servicenow, an enterprise IT cloud company and their Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Tim Yim explains for Gigaom,a blog-based media company about Multi-instance cloud; another trend catching up in the cloud industry. It is a blend of both single and multi tenant cloud service benefits.

The leading vendors including, IBM, HP, are into exploring this option. If it is done in the right manner, customers gain as it provides provision of customization minus intermingling of data. The cloud provider too wins, as it can scale their business successfully without provisioning an exclusive platform and infrastructure for every single user.

Multi instance cloud is also accompanied by challenges of hardware conditions, scalability and monitoring against the customer’s facility for customization. This design can be achieved by assembling a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, while maintaining separation of both the application state and data model for each client.

This will result in a competent and scalable exploit of infrastructure and a logical separation model for each customer.