CURT Continues Working with EXTOL for Advanced Web Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 30, 2015

POTTSVILLE, PA: EXTOL International, an e-business software and service provider, has been chosen by CURT Manufacturing, to offer advanced web services.

CURT Manufacturing, a towing products manufacturer and marketer, was in search of web services that could facilitate the trading requests. Also, CURT wanted the service to automatically manage order submission and tracking functions.

CURT, being a customer of EXTOL since 2005, has purchased a number of available solutions. As a returning customer, CURT validates the solutions as well as the commitment of EXTOL as a trusted partner.

“CURT’s back-end processes needed faster response times to their trading partner requests and building an internal web services infrastructure wasn’t practical due to costs and existing system limitations,” says Peter Harper, Vice President of Sales at EXTOL.

EXTOL tailored an order submission web service as per the requirements specified by the customer to accept XML orders. In addition, EXL order status request is used to query the status of a previously submitted order.  Such query is answered with one of the possible status: order is open, order is shipped, order is being loaded, order was cancelled or order is missing.

An end-to-end data integration software and service is provided by EXTOL International. It facilitates customers to automate data transactions between the internal system and the partners by integrating operational processes, hence delivers better integration experience. The company concentrates on applying automation technology to the "design time" aspects of integration, to reduce the time-to-production and the life-cycle costs of delivering the projects.

“We were able to give them a solution that provides immediate response on submitted orders as a pass/fail status as well as detailed information on already submitted orders – without the need for a separate web services license or costly Professional Services engagement,” continues Harper.