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Customer Service and Knowledge Management: A Joint Venture

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Customer service brings a company new client for its future prospect for business proliferation. Ventures in developing knowledge management software to develop customer services will pave the way for new trade opportunities for any organization and also generate more revenues for it.  

FREMONT, CA: Knowledge Management is a key element of any successful Chatbot implementation. Whilst it’s important for a Chatbot to integrate with any KMS, especially where the customer has invested heavily in existing knowledge stores, the work we have done to closely integrate V-Person with KMS Lighthouse means that the Chatbot and knowledge work seamlessly together. This results in superior customer experience and much lower maintenance costs for the organization” informed Chris Ezekiel, the Creative Virtual Founder, and CEO.

Creative Virtual is a provider in self-service solutions that enable customer engagement between businesses and their customers, anywhere and anytime. Leading global organizations depend on the company’s award-winning V-Person technology to develop their customer support experience, sales prospects, and brand loyalty.

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KMS lighthouse is a provider of the next-generation knowledge management solution Lighthouse. Lighthouse improves every engagement by empowering customers and agents with real-time access to precise and steady knowledge to improve the overall experience. Lighthouse’s patented functionality improves engagements across all sales and service channels, including easy incorporation to enhance present and future self-service channels.

The integration of Creative Virtual’s V-Person natural language Chatbots and virtual agents and KMS Lighthouse’s smart knowledge management system will generate a powerful customer experience (CX) solution available. The V-Person Chatbot engages comsumers in natural language interactions while sharing content from Lighthouse within the conversational interface. As a result, organizations can supply customers and agents with the correct information every time.

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Creative Virtual, a pioneer in customer and employee engagement, and KMS lighthouse, a provider of the next-generation knowledge management system, have developed this powerful collaboration to improve the customer service points of a company drastically. Both of the companies are integrating their solutions to help organizations improve call resolution and knowledge management at the same time. The collaboration between the expertise and the knowledge from the experienced teams will help organizations save time and money and augment customer satisfaction.