Customizable Service Enhancing IP and Optical Layer Efficiency

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NAPERVILLE, IL: Coriant, a provider of SDN-enabled end-to-end multi-layer transport network solutions, has announced a customizable service offering for supporting multi-layer network design. Coriant’s Multi-layer Network Optimization and Migration Planning Service enables networking engineers to enhance multi-layer (Layer 0-3) network resources while reducing the operational cost and complexity associated with service deployment and time-to-revenue.

The newly launched service is part of the recently announced Coriant Light IP Solution, an innovative approach to delivering high-bandwidth services with a cost-disruptive and high-performance network architecture that fits today’s dynamic traffic profile.

“As video and cloud services drive unprecedented data growth and more dynamic traffic workloads, it is increasingly important to ensure that IP and optical transport networking resources are utilized in the most efficient way,” said Tarcisio Ribeiro, EVP, Global Sales and Services, Coriant. “This new service leverages Coriant’s expertise in IP and optical networking to facilitate OpEx and CapEx-optimized planning and implementation as networks evolve to support a new generation of cloud-centric services and applications.”

Multi-layer Network Optimization and Migration Planning Service improves multi-layer network efficiency by optimizing network design based on IT infrastructure’s traffic patterns. The offering allows the operator to reclaim network resources through advanced multi-layer network defragmentation capabilities and capacity analysis. For eliminating service delays and inefficient use of resources, the service identifies potential bottlenecks in the network capacity. Additionally, it streamlines operations by dramatically reducing the effort required to plan new services for the short and the long term. The advanced multi-layer network expedites business case development (including potential space and power savings) for migration from legacy IT infrastructure to the latest and most suitable technology.

Coriant Multi-layer Network Optimization and Migration Planning Service extend the company’s portfolio of scalable and easy-to-purchase support services designed to accelerate and enhance ROI from their technologies, features, and solutions.