Cyanogen Raises More Money as it Focuses on Talent Acquisition and Platform Development

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Cyanogen raises funds to build its commercial mobile operating system (OS) based on Android. It has raised a latest C round of financing backed by a host of business who interestingly come from various contrasting backgrounds. Twitter made its debut in capital investment by participating in this round of investment for Cyanogen, reports The Wall Street Journal. Companies such as Premji Invest, Qualcomm Incorporated, Telefonica Ventures, Rupert Murdoch, and more have also contributed in this round of investment.

As the nascent mobile OS company rallies around the sublime ideology of ‘Real choice and Real freedom’ in choosing a power mobile computing experience and customizable apps portfolio, some believe Cyanogen address the needs of a section of audience through collaborating with global and regional developers and hardware makers.

"As a Digital Telco, Telefónica believes an open ecosystem can bring the best access to technology to our customers around the world. We see the opportunity to partner with Cyanogen as the open OS to best benefit consumers and service providers as the mobile computing revolution spreads globally," said Jack Leeney, US Head of Investing, Telefónica Ventures.

The mobile OS company has said that the latest investments will be leveraged to boost the workforce strength by bringing in new blood and accelerate the development of its open OS platform.

"We're committed to creating an open computing platform that fundamentally empowers the entire mobile ecosystem from developers to hardware makers, and most importantly, consumers around the world," said Kirt McMaster, CEO of Cyanogen Inc.