Cybathlon Bridging Paralympics and Day To Day Life Practicality and Usability of Assistive Devices

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: ETH Zurich announces The Cybathlon an upcoming championship for pilots with disabilities, who are using advanced assistive devices including robotics.

The championship will consist of various competitions comprised of different disciplines that put to test the most modern powered knee prostheses, wearable arm prostheses, powered exoskeletons, powered wheelchairs, electrically stimulated muscles and novel brain-computer interfaces.

The assistive devices used can include commercially available products provided by companies, and also prototypes developed by research labs. There will be two medals to be won for each competition, one for the pilot, who is driving the device, and one for the provider of the device.

The pilots of the Cybathlon can compete in six disciplines ranging from Brain-Computer Interface Race, Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race, Powered Arm Prosthetics Race, Powered Leg Prosthetics Race, Powered Exoskeleton Race, Powered Wheelchair Race.

There are several rules and regulations in place to govern the event and cover all aspects and factors at play. There are rules for the pilots and their teams and rules for the technology and devices to have an even playing field for all the participants.

The event has several participants and providers of the assistive devices who have already registered and many sponsors backing the event. The Cybathlon is aimed to provide a platform for the development of novel assistive technologies that have real life and day to day life practicality and usability.

Through the Cybathlon the organizers of the event want to contribute in the removing of barriers between the public, people with disabilities and science.