Cyber Security beyond Current Defenses

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Everything connected to the Internet can be hacked. New cyber security technologies are paving way to the future and are beyond the current defenses. There have been significant changes in cyber security as various industries respond to recent increase in and sophistication of cyber attacks. Cutting edge solutions have emerged to the fore to protect devices and endpoints. Cybercrime is creating a major chink in the armor when it comes to national security. Every level of government and critical infrastructure is suffering from major security breaches happening frequently. A potent way to mitigate such risks is to employ high-grade endpoint hardware security in the hands of authorized users. The Connected Smart Card (CSC) security hardware and platform patented by Digital security solutions firm Tyfone is one such solution.

Tyfone's platform amplifies existing security solutions across industries on multiple devices and major operating systems. The core of Tyfone’s patented CSC hardware endpoint security technology is its Secure Element. This offers high levels of hardware encryption, tamper resistance and secure storage as it is built on globally adopted standards. From CR80 card and USB plug to memory card and key, the CSC hardware is available in several compact form factors and accommodate several user preferences.

Tyfone has launched a challenge at students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to find newer ways to secure a Raspberry Pi-based Internet of Things (IoT) device using the Tyfone’s Connected Smart Card. The challenge is in coordination with the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program and is open to MIT students and judges the teams on the basis of their solution’s level of security, user experience and how it met the proposal requirements.