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Cyber Training Made Interesting with Gamification

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 16, 2018

While innovation is seeping into almost all segments of business verticals, students at the NPS (Naval Postgraduate School) have brought in a revolutionary game that will assist in boosting the knowledge as well as the experience of the users in terms of cybersecurity activities involving operations and strategy. The players make use of both defensive and offensive cyber operations as well as the computer network in order to get hold of the server nodes. Capturing of each server node is equivalent to standardized points which can be utilized to perform relevant actions or make headways towards advanced research to discover ground-breaking effects of these activities.

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In October 2017, information regarding war gaming solution was requested by the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency. The gaming solution is supposed to structure the behavioral model of a nation as a whole by intermixing economic and socio-political factors along with irrational behavior. This is being considered to be a revolutionary path in the process of the customer as well as employee retention over time. Companies have already started to employ war game variations to accelerate cyber training among employees. The objective is to boost healthy competition among employees, thereby urging them to put the knowledge gained from the training into appropriate use that too within tight deadlines. Advanced tools have been designed which are likely to transform even the most basic security requirements such as email security to an engaging task.

Furthermore, conduction of long, monotonous lectures can be avoided while training employees on cybersecurity. Deployment of interactive challenges or microcontent can help companies enhance the engagement of the employees.