Cybercrime is Targeting Application Software and Content: Fortinet
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Cybercrime is Targeting Application Software and Content: Fortinet

By CIOReview | Friday, November 24, 2017

US Cybersecurity company Fortinet has declared that cybercrime is advancing with aid of advanced technology such as swarmbots and machine learning algorithms. The increase of threat in the cyber world is mainly focused on the desktop and mobile applications along with content.

Cybercrimes, which are now mostly dependent on technology, have employed machine learning algorithms, which enable them to articulate smart plans and execute them effectively against people. Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist for Fortinet apprehends that very soon the IT industry will be challenged by the intrusion of malware designed with human-like intelligence, with decision-making abilities that will allow more efficiency in data theft or manipulation. He also states that most of the crimes possess the capability of defying most of the globally standardized cybersecurity measures.

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Most of the cyber threats have already started functioning and are likely to take a toll on the cyber world by the beginning of 2018, according to Manky. He states that crime organizations are likely to expand their territory and strengthen their technological skills by the same time. Fortinet reports that the planning for these crimes are entirely automated and most importantly, the technology used in the operations are ‘highly intelligent’. The organization has already identified around 30,000 attacks against the Hajime Botnet, one of the most intelligent IoT botnets.

Manky has adjoined that IoT is the most vulnerable area in the cyber world and attackers are looking forward to getting access to the 20 million devices that are associated with this network. He believes that the cybersecurity solutions worldwide must be prompter, with automated responses and self-learning, intelligent bots which are capable of identifying threats.

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