CyberScrub Delivers New Infinity Safe for Privacy Suite 6.0 and CyberScrub Security 6.0

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: CyberScrub, provider of data security, privacy and data sanitization, has announced that Infinity Safe now supports Privacy Suite 6.0 and CyberScrub Security 6.0.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite 6.0 is an app, which removes all evidence of online activity, erases data beyond recovery, secures files with strong encryption and advances overall system performance. It highlights over 777-plus new features and advancements. While, CyberScrub Security 6.0, securely removes files, delete internet history, wipe free space and wipes external USB drives. It supports latest versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and also supports external media wiping and is cloud compatible.  

Designed by CyberScrub to meet the demands of customers’ privacy, Infinity Safe enables users to quickly and easily encrypt personal data, store it on hard drives or automatically secure and share it in the cloud.

In addition, it helps people maintain true ownership of information. It allows users to create their individual safes and enables them to share them with colleagues/ professional advisers as well as friends and family.

Apart from supporting Privacy Suite 6.0 and CyberScrub Security 6.0, the Infinity Safe is also companionable with other cloud providers, like Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, and Google Drive. Users only have the access to control the password, so that no one can view the information. Also, files can even be shared securely with multiple passwords created and can be shared with anyone.