Cybrary Offers Interactive, Hands-On Cybersecurity Training
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Cybrary Offers Interactive, Hands-On Cybersecurity Training

By CIOReview | Friday, August 26, 2022

Cybersecurity professionals can now learn about the latest threats and countermeasures in a live lab environment with the SOC Analyst Assessment

FREMONT, CA: Cybrary has unveiled the first assessment geared specifically toward SOC analysts at Black Hat. This engaging, live lab simulated a day in the life of a SOC analyst to teach users how to distinguish between noise and real threats. 

It provides real-time insights into the ability of individuals to perform essential job functions by simulating a typical day in the life of a security operations center analyst. Using Cybrary's expansive resource library, learners and managers can uncover strengths, weaknesses, and recommended courses for further training.

Additionally, Cybrary has revealed a significant change to its training and assessment products, including new threat-informed and interactive training and assessment experiences designed to assist teams in reducing organization cyber risk resulting from the millions of unfilled positions across the industry.

Cybersecurity leaders can evaluate, measure, and upskill their workforce with Cybrary's new capability architecture. Applicants, onboarded, and employees can qualify for new roles, demonstrate their skills, build confidence, or identify gaps in knowledge. By aligning training plans to areas of opportunity, managers can quickly and continuously assess prospective and current team members' capabilities.

"Leveraging Cybrary's all-new training architecture, in addition to CTIG's expertise, we are developing a suite of high-fidelity experiences aligned to cybersecurity roles," said Rob Usey, Cybrary's CTO. "Our unique hands-on training and assessments will allow organizations to hire the right talent faster, pinpoint their entire team's skill gaps, and prescribe courses and activities to upskill practitioners at all experience levels every day."

In order to protect their organizations from complex, ever-changing cyber threats, all companies, regardless of size or sector, face a cybersecurity skill shortage. Cybrary's commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality tools at scale is key to reducing the cybersecurity skills gap.