CycloMedia Launches 'Street Smart' Application for ArcGIS on Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace
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CycloMedia Launches 'Street Smart' Application for ArcGIS on Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 21, 2015

San Francisco CA: CycloMedia Technology and Esri announce an expanded business relationship to deliver high-definition, street-view imagery via ArcGIS Marketplace. In efforts to leverage each other’s expertise in government, transportation and utilities markets, CycloMedia developed the ‘Street Smart’ web application. Now customers who have purchased CycloMedia's HDstreet level imagery can utilize an easy to use ArcGIS compatible application for viewing and analysis. Users can now visualize and edit their datafrom a street-view perspective with the goal of enhancing their GIS database while reducing costly field based collection practices.

CycloMedia began capturing its new, 100-megapixel HD-Cycloramas for customers in January 2015. With Street Smart, users can overlay their own GIS data layers, precisely capture location, record dimension measurements and edit attributes all from within a street-view perspective.  Links to “information-tagged” images can be shared among ArcGIS Online subscribers within the enterprise and pictures shared with the wider community.

"CycloMedia's Street Smart™ app allows customers to visualize and share information about the built environment from a new perspective,” said Joe Astroth, CEO of CycloMedia USA. "Street level imagery adds a new dimension to a GIS database by enabling the overlay and measurement of geographic features directly inside our HD Cycloramas."

Through Esri'sArcGIS Marketplace, geospatial professionals can learn about CycloMedia’s products and services, request new data collection and add comments and feedback to help improve the user experience.

Please contact CycloMedia for more information on accessing Cycloramas in ArcGIS for Desktop.