Cyphort Join Hands with DB Networks to Offer Full Spectrum Visibility

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREEMONT, CA: It was publicized in an announcement made by Cyphort that the firm has partnered with DB Networks, a leader in database cybersecurity. A Full spectrum visibility from the desktop and network perimeter to deep in the database will be offered to customers by Cyphort, the next generation APT defense company through this partnership.

DB Networks’ Layer 7 Database Sensor will be leveraged by Cyphort’s Advanced Threat Defense platform which will be helpful in increasing the number of correct verdicts of malicious content presence. “Partnering with DB Networks further enhances Cyphort’s lateral capabilities,” said Anthony James, VP of Product and Marketing, Cyphort. Detections of threat presence and evolution are provided by Cyphort and DB Networks by leveraging machine learning technology along with behavior analysis. These detections help in protecting an organization’s assets against new zero-days, APTs and evasive attacks. This collaboration of the two tools will only enhance their predicting capabilities.

Both Cyphort and DB Networks leverage the power of machine learning coupled with behavior analysis, to provide detection that evolves with threats and protects against new zero-days, APTs and evasive attacks. “Being able to integrate with Layer 7 Database Sensor, Cyphort gains access to database security alerts that provide additional information around a lateral spreading virus trying to exfiltrate data,” added James.

Usually in a cyber attack, hackers try to look for places from where they can actually launch an attack by exploiting the present vulnerability such as escalated privileges given to a particular system. Even if there is no such location, hackers always try to move and spread threats to as many locations as possible. This forms a chain of events that ultimately results in a cyber breach. The combination of Cyphort and DB Networks provides enterprises with a comprehensive analysis of this chain of events. “Enterprises can now observe and mitigate risk throughout their entire infrastructure including risks effecting critical data assets, thereby focusing attention on the riskiest activities,” explained Rami Shalom, vice president of product management, DB Networks.

Cyphort will be available at booth #439 at RSA Conference 2016 to be held in San Francisco to explain more about the offerings this partnership holds.