CyrusOne Introduces Customer Service Portal to Provide Real-Time Transparency for Data Centers
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CyrusOne Introduces Customer Service Portal to Provide Real-Time Transparency for Data Centers

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 12, 2015

DALLAS, TX: CyrusOne – a provider of enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data centers – announces the release of its online device-agnostic customer service portal to offer real-time access to data center infrastructure details through company’s website or

The CyrusOne online customer portal comprises advanced support-ticket functionality where clients can request submissions and monitor progress compliant with service level agreement (SLA).  Only thing customer need is a specific subdomain and granted user administration rights from the company to sign in.

The online portal enables user to manage physical-access requests and inspect the complete list of people granted access by sending email notifications to security-office staff. Any changes in access and all support will be reflected on a system log to review and take future reference.

The portal is designed as shopping-style ordering menu where features like virtual catalog of power whips, cross-connects and products with pictures and detailed descriptions are available to place the order. According to severity and risk levels, users can change notification and subscribe to incident. The portal includes billing information through invoices and installed orders.

CyrusOne also facilitates CyrusOne Global Service Desk team to train and provide on-board pass to the customers for smooth and tireless transition. With its device-agnostic behavior, the portal can be accessible from web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. It is easy to use with its capabilities to generate several forms and templates. Clients can create and control permission for multiple users to, letting them access portal according to their needs. The customers are categorized into separate subdomain to maintain the security.

“CyrusOne’s online customer service portal is a great example of transparent data center infrastructure management and further underscores our strong customer-service reputation in the industry,” says Amaya Souarez, VP, data center systems, CyrusOne. “We have a rolling launch of the portal that introduces more features with each new incarnation of the system.”