Cyso Incorporates A10 Thunder ADC Solution to Tackle SSL Offloading Demands

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 26, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: With an aim to cater to the growing demands of SSL Offloading- a process that relieves web servers from the burden of encrypting or decrypting traffic sent via SSL, Cyso implements thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution from A10 Networks. The solution will prevent cyber attacks by making secure connections.

The Thunder ADC solution from A10 networks boosts the security of user’s applications. It is a product line that delivers up to 153 Gbps of throughput in a single appliance and 1.2 Tbps of throughput in a cluster. Built on Advanced Core operating System (ACOS) platform, Thunder ADC offers a multi core processing software architecture, delivering high performance and deployment options for cloud Data Centers.

Thunder ADC solutions enable web and key infrastructure servers to scale seamlessly to ensure business continuity to maximize revenue. It reduces infrastructure requirements for both application delivery as well as critical services and shields any advanced attacks to ensure uninterrupted operations. Thunder ADC controls application performance, SSL offloading and WAF security for Cyso’s Data Centers.

"Last year the demand for SSL offloading grew strongly with our clients. Because they want to prevent cyber criminals from hacking into their networks or installing malware by means of secure connections. In the delivery of web services, organizations always have to choose among the desired levels of safety, performance and price. We want to provide our clients with A+ SSL security and application security by investing in A10 Thunder ADCs,” says Tjebbe de Winter, CTO and Managing Partner, Cyso.