Daintree Networks, Samsung Support Sensor-driven Applications for Smart Buildings

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Samsung collaborates with Daintree Networks, a provider of smart building control and operation solutions, to support traditional lighting control as well as enable new sensor-driven applications for smart buildings. As part of this partnership, Samsung will combine its smart lighting module (SLM) with the Daintree Networks’ ControlScope networked wireless control solution.

Daintree Networks’ ControlScope is a complete wireless energy management solution built on wireless mesh networking standards and enterprise IoT platform. It delivers energy-saving control strategies for commercial buildings, provides full-featured lighting control for both fluorescent and LED lighting products as well as programmable thermostat automation and plug-load control, and eliminates control wiring.

Build on the Samsung Smart Lighting Platform, the SLM module offers several ports for making better hardware and firmware connections. It comprises wireless software update functionality (OTA) and power metering. By supporting all open wired and wireless communication protocols and featuring standard connectivity options like DALI, Zigbee and Bluetooth, the module can control the lighting systems. For better convenience of use, it can be connected to most sensor networks and smart control devices such as mobile phones.

“Our partnership with Samsung reinforces our commitment to provide open wireless networking solutions to enable the Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT). The unique architecture found in Samsung’s SLM is a great match for the advanced technology in ControlScope and further demonstrates connected LED lighting as the natural infrastructure for smart buildings across retail, office and industrial environments. With an expanding array of open standard control devices and open software innovation, Daintree is accelerating the development of high-value business outcomes for our enterprise customers. We are excited to collaborate with Samsung to advance our industry,” says Derek Proudian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Daintree Networks.

Many technology companies are exploring opportunities around IoT in building smart cities. Cisco is working towards building smart city driven by connected devices. In the recent past, Cisco and the City of New York has launched an interactive platform called City24/7 to provide meaningful and powerful knowledge anytime, anywhere, on any device about open government programs, local businesses, and citizens. Being accessible via Wi-Fi on nearby smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, the platform features touch, voice, and audio technology to deliver information, services, and offerings in real time.

The city of Amsterdam has been taking initiatives to enable connected public lighting infrastructure. Cisco and Philips together  delivered the IoT infrastructure by coming up with new concepts and innovations around network-enabled LED street lighting, paving the way for a brighter future .