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Dali Wireless Reveals Matrix to Help Mobile Operators in a Plug-and-Play Approach

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MENLO PARK, CA:  Dali Wireless – a provider of advanced RF router that transcends Distributed Antenna System (DAS) – reveals Matrix, a 2-tier modular platform that enables mobile operators and enterprises to easily upgrade their networks.

Dali Matrix is based on the RF Router platform that enables coverage and capacity to be routed to where and when it’s needed. The inherent flexibility and scalability of Matrix makes it suitable for environments that demand dynamic capacity allocation and virtualization of the Radio Access Network (RAN). It offers simple and streamlined ‘mix-and-match’ support for frequency bands, technologies, base station vendors and empowering them with virtualized RAN.

Matrix works with centralized and distributed base station architectures and acts as a complementary solution to Cloud RAN (C-RAN). Unlike C-RAN, Matrix RAN virtualization capabilities virtualizes an operator’s finite asset spectrum, This provides shared and managed resources within the baseband and radio resources for a virtualized RAN. It also helps operators to identify and manage data packets like 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G base stations delivered among any antenna points in single- or multi-operator network environments.

“Matrix is designed from the ground-up with flexibility and scalability in mind to help mobile operators truly future-proof their networks by addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the rapidly evolving wireless ecosystem,” says Albert Lee, CEO, Dali Wireless.