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DAM: Fueling the Business Data Management

By CIOReview | Monday, May 27, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a process used by businesses to create, retrieve and store digital media and manage the rights and permissions. Digital content is of a lot of value to the companies. DAM involves creating a safe repository for these assets and helps in preserving them in digital formats. Hence, many companies are investing in DAM. Knowing a few facts while investing in it helps the enterprises make the most of what it offers.

Various categories of DAM, together with other competitive technologies coming up, are modifying the business legacies to stay ahead in the race; however, it is still in the process of consolidation. Rather than manually doing the job of accumulating and tagging the stored data, companies are now opting for solutions provided by artificial intelligence. AI can comb through the data much faster and apply generic tags. The ability of DAM to do analytics is of utmost importance. This is so because the value of content is derived only when they can be linked to products and services to enhance business performance.

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Video is a preferred mode of communication and consumers can be effectively brought in by using this tool. DAMs should be checked, for their support to video formats. The videos generate a range of emotions and are compelling due to which they are of more value to businesses. Collaborating with video generation platforms also serves as a good move for companies. Another essential technique is to use creativity. DAM supports content atomization, which enables firms to reuse content. It works by letting firms combine existing material to develop an optimized workflow.

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DAM is helping an increasing number of brands to manage their valuable content. Optimizing the investment in DAM will make companies even more successful as content development and marketing are here to stay.