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Data analysts are the answer to businesses seeking to succeed

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Majority of the data of the present has been created in the recent past and its growing. Also, the digitization of the industries won’t let the trend to end. Data and analytics consume today's businesses. Enterprises are more willing to invest in data science, customer analytics, and business intelligence. Data analytics help businesses by giving insights about the direction, the company is going and how to maximize the profit. Data analysts are the professionals, whose addition to an organization across all the sectors elevates the key of making decisions. Analysts make the decisions based on data and metrics using the conceptions of data science. With the rising of the massive amount of data being analyzed and stored, the data analysts are in high demand across all the industries.

Organizations tend to collect data as analyzing the data leads to better insights and attract more customers. The marketing department of organizations demands to hire data analysts. Marketing officers rely on the insights produced by data analysts to create the initiatives for the business. The insights help marketers to create targeted campaigns, informed decisions, and investment according to products.

Companies, working with big data, sometimes face difficulties in managing them. Data analysts collect the right kind of data and use the data to lead the organizations to have better business. They have a clear goal using the data and know which details are relevant. Without analysts, companies might end up with collecting anything futile that cost them with more problems. Data analysts use metadata to organize big data to make the data useful for the companies. Also using machine learning help them in trying new conclusion with accuracy with the help of algorithms.

Analytics is able to drive decision-making with more accuracy. It integrates the powers of statistics, machine learning, and visualization techniques. There is an opinion that artificial intelligence is able to answer all that data need and manage tasks from scratch to end. But a business needs data analysts to put in the leg-work before AI’s analysis. And they should be appreciated and encouraged in the industries.