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Data and Content Key to Successful Digital Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Businesses can witness a significant uptick in their revenue if they analyze their enormous amount of business data to know the taste, requirements of their customers to provide more customer friendly services. Leveraging both the unstructured and structured data as part of the initiatives to enhance customer experience helps the present day businesses to raise their existing business capability.

Present day business leaders have found that, if they analyze unstructured data available in the form of text from customer support systems or social media platforms, they can obtain significant insights on the services offered by them. Unstructured data constitutes nearly 80 percent of the companies’ total data available and will continue to grow further in the future.

Unstructured data gathered helps the companies to identify the reasons for customers’ dissatisfaction towards the products and services being provided and to take corrective measures as early as possible.  

When it comes to content, the businesses can improve the customer experience by offering rewarding communication in the form of e-books, user guides, booklets, and others to the customers.  To satisfy the customers, a business in the present day should provide quality content which includes attractive write-ups, graphics, photos, and others in publicity materials. Images should be the part of marketing collateral, social media posts, or any other form of content used to enhance the customer experience.

There is need a for simple, easy to remember content to have memorable and personal experience as modern customers face huge information overload due to the inflow of enormous marketing content. Converting content into a creative video format improves the customer experience. Finally, better customer experience is all about reaching customers where they are according to their expectations.