Data Centers to Take an Eco-Friendly Path
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Data Centers to Take an Eco-Friendly Path

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Companies like Facebook and Google are trying hard to reduce their carbon footprints by opting eco friendly ways for powering their data centers, reveals a recent report by Greenpeace, an independent global campaigning organization that works to protect and conserve the environment.

According to the research, as most of the companies can’t afford their own data centers, there is a rise in need for data center service providers that consider clean power as a part of their marketing efforts. Companies like Google and Microsoft use wind energy to power the local electric grids of their data centers.

Apart from these American companies that have committed to use renewable energies such as wind and solar, European data centers also work hard to gain credibility for their 100 percent clean power, reports Ucilia Wang for TOP TECH NEWS.

Jon Thorgrimur Stefansson, CEO at GreenQloud said that for building the first datacenter of GreenQloud, it has chosen a locality in the U.S., near Seattle because of the availability of renewable resources; the GreenQloud data center has received 95 percent of its electricity from hydropower.

According to Stefansson, Iceland and Norway are ideal locations for data centers. The datacenters in these areas are powered by hydropower and the Nordic climate also offers some natural means for cooling servers.

“In the US, it's more about social pressure or pressure from environmental organizations such as Greenpeace that is pushing companies to use sustainable energy," adds Stefansson.

Greenpeace is pushing hard the corporates to buy green power to run their data centers. The effort here is to make data centers more eco friendly.

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