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Data Communique is now Appatura: Unveils new Website to Commemorate the Occasion

By CIOReview | Friday, May 6, 2016

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ: Aspiring content management minnows, Data Communiqué, has now been renamed Appatura. A subsidiary of Havas Worldwide, Appatura specializes in smart content solutions and automated publishing. The company, in order to mark this occasion, has launched a new website which will give them a new outlook and an updated corporate identity.

Appatura will further build on its commitment to develop and deliver innovative products and services not only to the asset management sector but to a broader range of market segments.

The Appatura brand name will allow them to better showcase their diverse technology and professional services in the areas of Data Analytics, Granular Component Content Management and Message Communication disciplines.

“The rebrand is an outward sign of the excitement we have in-house about what we are doing and where we are going" says John Closson, Chief Strategy Officer, Appatura

Though the company’s prime focus and offering still remains its end-to-end automated publishing solution- DocuBuilder, it has expanded beyond its service offering around the DocuBuilder platform, and has developed new technologies and features such as- a new-look interface that offers a better UX, integration of multiple API's that facilitates data input and output, plug-ins to MS Office that enable bi-directional access and updating of content, and an ontology that when coupled with its elastic search capabilities will allow clients to surround content with deep meaning.

"It is a name which better conveys our commitment to the application of technology in order to create a more focused and efficient experience for our clients," says Richard Plotka, CEO, Appatura. "DocuBuilder will continue to be our premier offering, together with the technology and business philosophy which have made DocuBuilder so successful. The engine behind DocuBuilder is a powerful offering in itself and will facilitate growth beyond Mutual Funds."