Data Deposit Box Unveils New "Smart Storage" Series of NAS Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fremont, CA: Data Deposit Box Inc., a worldwide provider of cloud backup and recovery technology, recently announced the unveiling of their “Smart Storage” series of NAS solutions. This new NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution is expected to add to the previously released continuous technology-based product lines from the company. The new solution is an agent-less solution and can integrate and function effortlessly with existing software backups and recover current products in the DDB portfolio. Data Deposit Box now offers complete business continuity and disaster readiness for SME, SMB’s and SOHO businesses worldwide powered by Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Agentless Protection (AP) backup and recovery cloud storage software solution.

In the October of 2015, the enterprise first unveiled the 200C Smart Storage device that leveraged DDB’s Continuous Data Protection technology. It is now set to debut its new Agentless Protection Smart Storage product at the ASCII Group Inc. trade show in Austin, Texas. The new product line will offer back-up and recovery ability for systems without the hassle of installing client software’s. The devices are available with 200A, 400A and 600A power sources and integrate seamlessly into the current Agentless Protection software products which can also back-up MS SQL, Exchange, VMWARE, HYPERV and SharePoint. The solution promises to offer one-of-a-kind agentless cloud backup technology with a 4 bay hard drive system by cloud storage and is touted as the industry’s most cost-effective business continuity solution globally.

“We are very excited to bring our Smart Storage products to market. This device has been designed with the channel in mind and strengthens our offering to the IT Partner channel and to the SMB globally. We now offer pricing that will allow the reseller to generate significant margin on the initial purchase and on a monthly recurring basis. Partners will be able to manage and configure all devices using any browser on any device. Everything from reporting to adding or changing configurations, to integrating with AD will be available in a centralized management portal. Our focus has been on simplicity and quality. We will be adding features to the product using automated updates so our clients will have the latest features available instantly. It is encouraging to see the sales of the units begin before the official launch which indicates to us that we are offering a product the market is looking for,” said Tim Jewell, CEO of Data Deposit Box.

DDB’s “Smart Storage” NAS device sport a 4 bay storage system that is designed to provide a local and cloud based business continuity solution at an SMB price. It’s “NAS quality” hard drives provide maximum storage capacity and system uptime. Coupling the solution with cloud storage, it provides a low cost offsite recovery point; this in turn helps create a one-time revenue gain from the device while creating a reoccurring monthly revenue stream from the bundled cloud storage.

“The SMB and Partner networks have identified a significant demand for this product in today’s marketplace. Data Deposit Box can service this need based on our 14 year history and based on the maturity of our cloud solutions; something that is unique to our products and services. Partners can now have unmatched choice, flexibility and features at a price much lower than our nearest competitor,” said Troy Cheeseman, President & COO, Data Deposit Box Inc. “Partners can now service the SOHO, Micro SMB, the SMB and the SME with one provider, one solution; Data Deposit Box. This will eliminate the need to have 2 or even 3 different providers when offering a complete cloud disaster readiness and backup and recovery solution.”

Chesseman further states, “Based on the fact that DDB has developed our products in house, our ability to add features to our solutions and Smart Storage devices will be unmatched by anyone in the industry. Most of the solutions on the market today are pieced together with licensed solutions from other providers making the product expensive for the SMB. Product support also suffers as diagnosing issues could be spread across 2 or 3 different companies. To date, everything released by DDB is written and directly supported by DDB. We are very proud to offer that service to our partners and clients.”